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Welcome to Farokh's Suzuki page.

This page is just starting out, so there's not a whole lot here (yet).

Suzuki Owners Clubs around the world!
Here are names and addresses for Suzuki Owners Clubs around the world. There are also links to event pages where applicable.

Subscribe to the Suzuki Mailing list (suzuki-l)
Check out this nifty page that allows you to subscribe to the Suzuki Mailing list, among other things. Or send an email message to "", with anything in the subject, and in the body of the message, put in the following line:

Winter Storage Procedure
Here's the recommended procedure for storing your bike for the winter (or any other extended period).

Cost to Society?
So, just how does the motorcylists' Cost to Society stack up to other costs to society? Well, here's a graph that shows some startling figures for the USA.

The Suzuki RG500 WWW page
Check out this page devoted to the RG500.

Cope Racing's WWW page
Cope racing is a full service machine shop that specializes in GS1100/1150 and GSXR 1100 motors. They claim to motorcycle racing's most successful engine builder, and sell performance parts. If you're looking for hot rod parts, you might want to check them out.

Links to People's pages
Here's a (short and probably out-of-date) list of links to other Motorcycle Rider's home pages.

For some other motorcycle related sites check out my Motorcycle Link Page

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