These are links to some other rider's pages on the WWW.

Farokh's Bikes
This is a link to a page with my two bikes on it. A Cavalcade and a VX800.

Matt's VX800 page
Here's a page that is dedicated to the under-appreciated VX800.

Arthur Kerkmeester's WWW page
This is a link to Arthur Kerkmeester page. He rides a Suzuki GS400E and is looking for a picture of it.

Jeff Earls' WWW Page
This is a link to Jeff Earls page. He races a Suzuki GS650G, believe it or not!

Alan Andrews homepage
Alan rides a Kat 600, and proudly displays it on his home page.

Mike Meyer's Goofy WebPage
Hey, that's what he calls it! But, he does have some nice pictures of his Intruder 1400 up there.

Steve Vautier's Home page
Steve's got a fetish for his RF900 as well his cats :)

Dag-Frode Sundem's Home page
Dag-Frode is in Norway, and rides a 1981 GSX750

Rob's Bar and Grill

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